1 TV

People spend significantly more time with television than with any other medium. Television maintains the highest reach, nearly 90% of Adults 18+ every day, and over 80% of every age, income and education. In addition to high daily reach, more time is spent with television each day than any other medium – over 5 hours for Adults 18+ and high levels across all age, income and education breaks.

BAD MEDIA GROUP works across all forms of TV advertising:

  1. Network
  2.  National / Regional Cable
  3.  Local / Spot
  4.  Satellite
  5.  Long or Short Form

TV advertising costs vary widely based on inventory, ratings, programming and market. The proliferation of viewing options and the growth of DVRs, ad-skipping technologies, and on-line viewing have made planning and buying all the more complex. Knowing the market can make all the difference on whether you reach your audience, run effectively and what price you pay. We buy across all methodologies and all providers in upfront and in scatter based on goals, budget and where we are in the test cycle.


Even with numerous options (or distractions) available, people still tune in, listen and engage with their favorite radio station in a way they rarely, if ever do with the Internet, TV or Print. It is often said that radio advertising is theater of the mind because the images created and sparked come from within. As in theater, radio depends and thrives upon an effective connection and interaction with the audience. The audience responds because radio gives voice to the individual. Listen closely and you will hear that a station’s appeal is largely a result of every day, local people calling in to share their politics, jokes and intimate thoughts with the host and thousands of fellow listeners

3 Digital

The digital media landscape is highly fragmented, complex and fluid. In this environment, consumers are “always on” but have limited attention spans and patience as they seamlessly navigate between devices and channels as they engage with content and advertising. As consumers become more engaged with digital and the number of channels and devices grow exponentially, it becomes increasing important for advertisers to embrace this shift yet manage it effectively. Digital has allowed advertisers to gather more, better data on their audience, target them more effectively and improve their measurements and optimization.


Whether you are interested in building your brand or sales, out-of-home provides an opportunity to get your message out there. When your travelling outdoors, take a look around, out-of-home is everywhere, at the bus stop, garage, on the highway and byway, at the ballpark, zoo and even on your cup of brew. Although it may be the oldest form of advertising, out-of-home is leveraging new technology as never before. With digital opportunities and the availability of new materials, out-of-home can be found in places and employed in ways that were previously only imagined. For instance, with digital, you can change your campaign or creative at the flick of a switch. Run real time video and employ new materials to connect with people in ways and in places they never expected.


BAD Media Group works with all the major publishers and niche publishers. We have long standing relationships that allow us to provide the best possible rates for our clients and a deep understanding of print in the media mix.
We can help you maximize your reach. Print is an integral part of any “push-to-retail” or “push-to-web” strategy. Our capabilities span across the following types of print:
  1. Consumer Magazines
  2.  Business-to-Business Magazines
  3.  Sunday Magazines
  4.  International Publications
  5.  Newspapers


Public Relations is about effectively communicating key messages and good work to positively influence audience behavior. Our expertise includes message development and positioning that incorporates an in-depth understanding of our client’s priorities in the context of the environments in which they are operating and the audiences they need to reach.
The key to integrated communications in India is to both develop and nurture long-term corporate reputation while maintaining a focus on the immediate needs and short-term results. We help align your brand reputation with your marketing objectives in a consistent manner across events and media. We also help mitigate potential crises by identifying vulnerable areas and taking pre-emptive steps. We understand the importance of corporate reputation, and with our years of experience and expertise in public relations in India, are able to deliver on expectations. This has helped in making us a power brand in the PR industry in India.